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Down the Memory Lane

The Sun complements the moon, the sea fulfills the sky, and the night justifies the day; likewise it takes a visionary to build a city and vice versa. The ravishing city of Chennai has quite a stellar epithet in Tamizh which describes its nature ~ ‘வந்தாரை வாழவைக்கும் பூமி’ which literally means, “The land which bestows life upon all those who come in search of it.” This phrase stands testament to the reality in which several million people who came here for survival, made the city their home, and flourished leaps and bounds whilst giving the city an identity of magnanimity and grandeur.

Amongst those several million migrants was a 30 year old Mr. Abdul Khadar who travelled all the way from Nagapattinam to Chennai by foot in the year 1955 in search of work and better living conditions to provide and develop his young family. As everlasting success cannot be achieved without excruciating struggle, Mr. Khader and his family too underwent their fair share of tribulations before finding their feet in a place called Alandur in Chennai.

When Mr. Abdul Khader and his family established a small eatery and doled out delicately soft parottas, sizzling paaya, and revitalizing soups as new additions to his already famous Sukku Coffee and Kebabs, more customers began to flood in. But the ultimate delicacy from the house of Sukkubhai arrived in 1977 which enlivened the senses of one and all alike. The scrumptious cuisine which is now universally known as ‘Sukkubhai Biryani’ came out with its beef variety, and brought in hordes of folks from far and near as its menu’ prices and dedicated Consumer service was designed for everyone from all walks of life.

In October 1994, Mr. Abdul Khader departed for his heavenly abode leaving his young family and his devoted Consumer s in a perpetual state of sorrow. It was too much of a loss for them to take, and although she was grieving, his beloved wife Mrs. Fathima Abdul Khader carried forward her husband flourishing business for an arduous period of six years until the turn of the millennium. From then on, their son – Mr. Abdul Khader Ali took over the mantle of his cherished father, carving a niche for himself and successfully constituting the restaurant to what is it today.