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"Brief insight about our Managing Director"

Some people sulk, some curse their fate but those who smile upon the face of their adversity and strenuously work towards their goals whilst exhibiting sheer grit and determination, are the ones who become the leaders of mankind.When Mr. Abdul Khader Ali inherited Sukkubhai Biryani from his mother, it was just a 10x10 outlet with dwindling business and just eight employees including himself and his family members. Fast-forward 20 years to the present, Sukkubhai Biryani is now a famous restaurant in the city of Chennai, charming the masses with its abounding, alimentary food at affordable prices which assuages all five senses of mankind.

‘A feast for the senses’ proclaimed Mr. Abdul Khader Ali, and envisioned how this unique sounding motto of his would fit the bill for his enterprise. After just about being back to square one in the year 2000, he hit the ground running with a renewed zeal and novel thinking to replenish his business. Primary goals were set and prominence was given to Consumer satisfaction and their valuable feedback. At the same time, supreme importance was given to improving the meat products’ standards (read: freshness and tenderness) along with refining the quality of the food and organic enhancement of its taste. He went on to further expand the menu by triumphantly adding Mutton biryani and Chicken biryani assortments alongside the already existing beef biryani which become a pioneering move in his business.

However, these superlative priorities of Mr. Abdul Khader Ali were met with a stumbling block as it were conjectured to compromise on the economical prices of his products. Yet he never cowed down to such a scenario, and continued to cater deliciously quality food in brimful portions at highly affordable prices keeping his vision to serve great food at affordable rates. After many excruciating hassles, the results started to show in as a loyal consumer base was starting to nurture.

'A feast for the senses'

Our People

An average of 3000 people venture in our outlets every day and get their stomachs and hearts contended with, while during weekends and festive seasons, the number tends to surge well beyond the average mark. With the inception of centralized kitchen and the planned new dine-in and takeaway branches all over the city of Chennai, the number of consumers for a day are predicted to a 10-fold increase and beyond.

A total of 200 employees work in all the above mentioned branches and the kitchen with a vast amount of vacancies yet to fill in. Our employees are paid attractive salaries and festive bonuses while their queries and concerns are always addressed on time with due diligence. Their working hours are regulated and they work under proper humane conditions. For those coming from distant places, accommodation is taken care of, while healthcare, and financial emergencies are thoroughly provided to those in dire need of the same

Reaching New Summits

Today Sukkubhai Biryani is reaching great heights by the grace of Almighty and under Mr. Abdul Khader Ali’s visionary propositions such as utmost priority given to quality, taste, quantity and affordability as he credits his restaurant’s stupendous success to his Creator’s grace on him. Apart from serving food and making a profit out of it, the uniqueness of Sukkubhai Biryani lies its proprietor’s paramountcy in benevolence. Mr. Abdul Khader Ali has so far led by example. He’s focused, insightful, curious, hardworking and an excellent listener as well as a highly efficient troubleshooter.

Authentic Chennai Biryani Directly From Our Heart