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In the year 1975 when the world was yearning for peace from all the wars, Mr. Abdul Khader rolled out an eatery named ‘Sukku Coffee and Kebabs’ at Alandur, and thereby did his part in ensuring people felt peaceful and satisfied after a swill and snack at his outlet. ‘Sukku coffee’ or ‘Sukku kaappi’ as it is in known in Tamizh, isn’t a variety of coffee at all. Instead, it is delightful brew made by a congenial combination of dry ginger, coriander seeds and other spices which is thoroughly nourishing and organic. Thus Mr. Abdul Khader earned the sobriquet ‘Sukkubhai’ owing to his patrons’ overwhelming approval of his dry ginger based drink as well as his mouth watering Kebabs and snacks. Thus the restaurant was named as
Sukkubhai Biryani

Torchbearers in Quality, Taste, Quantity, and Economy

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Our menu is feast for your senses

Sukkubhai Biryani’s exquisite delicacies satisfy all the five senses of our consumers. Elaborating further, the pattern goes on as follows. Firstly, they hear all great things about our restaurant by word of mouth through their ears. Then their eyes hopelessly fall in love with the menu as it is tremendously drool-worthy. Next their noses inhale the enlivening aroma, accompanied by their fingers (read: skin) experiencing the tenderness and succulence of the qualitative meat chunks, and finally the ultimate ecstasy culminates with their tongues relishing the lip-smacking taste of our food.

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Host Your Next Event

Located at Perungudi,OMR; Sukkubhai Biryani is home to two of the premium party venues in Chennai city. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, a conference, or celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or a corporate party; our venues are full of great vibe, friendly staff coupled with the obvious – Sukkubhai’s delightful cuisine choices will meet your special needs. And, we particularly pride ourselves in creating an ambiance which will enchant you and your guests.

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