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Best place to have appetizing varieties of mutton biryani in chennai

Mutton Biryani is perhaps the most classic version of the Biryani and the food historians and scholars have always debated that it is the most authentic one as well. It is said that it originated from Persia – modern day Iran but we at Sukkubhai Biryani have our qualms over it though. Because as we serve the Best Mutton Biryani in Chennai, we do it according to the local taste and flavors which has universal acceptance to it.

Every day from our kitchens, we churn out large degshas (vessels) of mutton Biryani which disappears within minutes as consumers throng in lines to get a taste of the Best Mutton Biryani in Chennai. Our mutton biryani consists of large chunks of tender meat, loads of species which constitutes our addictive masalas, and high quality basmati rice. The spicing is quite strong as well as enticing and so is the meat chunks. Our mutton biryani hardly contains any fat from the meat and the meat is certified fresh.

When Sukkubhai Biryani started in 1975, our mutton biryani was an instant blockbuster. It was renowned for its unique tastes, alluring spices, extra chunks of tender meat as well as highly economic price. All these factors have made it the Best Mutton Biryani in Chennai. Due to the stupendous success of our mutton biryani from the mid 1970’s, over the course of years, a new as well as an incredibly tasty form of Biryani began to emerge from Chennai and spearheading such a biryani is Sukkubhai Biryani – which is nothing but the home for the best mutton Biryani in the city.

This zestful zeal of Sukkubhai Biryani to serve the Best Mutton Biryani in the city is equally complimented by the thousands and thousands of customers who throng in Sukkubhai Biryani’s outlets to get a box or many of the Best Mutton Biryani in Chennai. This makes the customers happy and when customers are happy, we are the happiest. That is our mantra.