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Best place to have appetizing varieties of chicken biryani in chennai

Show us a better pairing than chicken and rice, we will wait. And the result of this heavenly combo of chicken and rice is what that makes Sukkubhai’s Chicken Biryani – the Best Chicken Biryani in the city of Chennai. Sukkubhai Biryani’s Chicken Biryani is quite unique. Yes, it has a large fan following in Chennai and beyond but what makes it class apart is it made for the tastes and appetite of our Chennaities. We have developed this groundbreaking dish of Chicken Biryani from the traditional households of Chennai. Each and every mouthful that one savors bears the hallmark of the taste of Chennai.

Although Chicken Biryani is spread across the world and predominantly in swathes of South Asia and the Arab world, it has its roots from India. Usually the Mughals in North India and Hyderabad in south get the honors of pioneering the Biryani but over the course of time, biryani has placed itself as the dish to crave in south India. Over the course of years, a new as well as incredibly tasty form of Biryani began to emerge from Chennai and spearheading such a biryani is Sukkubhai Biryani – home for the best Chicken Biryani in the city.

Starting by 1975, and introducing new tastes and better flavors, it took several years for Sukkubhai Biryani to earn the tag of Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai. It was a result of arduous undertaking by Sukkubhai Biryani’s management to churn out the Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai as a zealous endeavor. Large chunks of Chicken and long grained rice loaded with intense flavors and aroma is what makes Sukkubhai Biryani the Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai.

This passionate obsession of Sukkubhai Biryani to serve the Best Chicken Biryani in the city is equally complimented by the thousands and thousands of customers who throng in Sukkubhai Biryani’s outlets to get a box or many of the Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai.