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Best place to have appetizing varieties of biryani

Food is the essential source of life. We eat to exist. But for ‘foodies’ it is the other way around. However, who would not love to treat ourselves to a good mouth watering feast once in a while. And when we talk of feasts, it is indisputably incomplete without the yummy biryani. The very word biryani installs the desire in you to have them for your next meal or dinner. Chennai is the hub for top quality biryani. Of late, many biryani chains have emerged in the city. But Sukkubhai Biryani outshines them by serving best biryani in Chennai, made of right combination of top class spices and selective quality ingredients put together with apt cooking time that will work magic on your taste buds and send you to ecstasy. We at Sukkubhai Biryani have been serving our beloved customers since 1975 with piquant beef biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, prawn biryani, fish biryani, egg biryani, and vegetable biryani.

Apart from the regular cooking process, beef biryani’s secrete lies in the right combination of spices and cooking time of meat. And that is why we never miss time. There are many outlets that serve chicken and mutton biryani but when it comes to beef biryani the first suggestion from foodies would be Sukkubhai Biryani. Such is the reputation that we have earned for ourselves by catering richly spiced and aromatic beef biryani over nearly half a decade.

Another popular briyani in the briyani category is the mutton biryani. All types of biryani needs precision in the making process but Mutton biryani needs a little extra as slightest of blunder could undo the entire aroma and essence of the dish. At Sukkubhai Biryani there is no room for even that slightest of blunders and is what makes us the best in business.

Chicken biryani, just the name of the dish lights up the mood of every food lovers. The yummy and spicy nature of the dish has kept many tongues in detention for more than five centuries. Sukkubhai Biryani serves you that traditional chicken briyani with a flavor that would stay on your taste buds forever. So you should take a trip to Sukkubhai Biryani to taste the best biryani in Chennai.

Unlike chicken or mutton, prawn needs to be cooked with sharp cooking time to obtain that mushiness and has to be blended with the right spices to bring that unique aroma and tang. And that is why we make use of selective spices to procure that aroma.