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Best place to have appetizing varieties of beef biryani

Biryani and Beef! Perhaps the most drool worthy and scrumptious combination ever, and who’s better than Sukkubhai Biryani in the city of Chennai to deliver such a delicacy? The Best Beef Biryani in Chennai, if not the world. Hands down! We have a taste, standard and quality of our when it comes to serving our Beef Biryani. Because, a restaurant doesn’t earn a tag of producing the Best Beef Biryani in Chennai just like that!

Beef Biryani is something that we always take pride in. And that is equally justified by our patrons who throng at our outlets for a bowl or a bucket of Best Beef Biryani in Chennai. A lot of things goes into the making of our beef biryani. Firstly, the meat is chosen is the highest quality available in the market. In the Biryani, we add only the boneless meat. There’s literally 0% bones in our beef biryani. Secondly, the right amount of condiments and species along with the best quality basmati rice goes inside the degshas (vessels). Third and most importantly, we serve you all with utmost passion. All these three factors make out Biryani, the Best Beef Biryani in Chennai.

Since 1975, Sukkubhai Biryani’s journey has been exemplary by the grace of God as well as the love and prayers bestowed on us by our patrons and well-wishers. However, the success behind Sukkubhai Biryani’s meteoric rise is because of the beef biryani that we serve. It is truly an amazing trait that Sukkubhai Biryani is always associated with Beef Biryani and frankly speaking, we won’t complain. As we said earlier, it takes the grace of God as well as the immense love showered upon scores of people that helps us serve the Best Beef Biryani in Chennai today.