About us

Our Founder

Mr.Abdul Khadar

Sukkubhai biriyani was started by Mr. Abdul Khadar in 1975 at Alandur. A native of Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu, financial pressures drove him to seek his fortunes in Chennai. After trying his hand at various businesses he eventually decided to start a coffee stall at Alandur (Chennai). The stall became a success and the style of coffee he served earned him the name ‘Sukkubhai’. The stall later developed into a restaurant that specialized in biriyani and other south Indian cuisine. Through the hard work and dedication of Sukkubhai the restaurant gained fame and popularity all over Chennai. A huge blow to the restaurant came in the form of his demise in 1994. Then Mrs. Fathima the wife of Sukkubhai took over the reins and later handed it to Mr. Ali who is Sukkubhai’s son. At the age of 25 years, Mr. Ali took the responsibility of Sukkubhai Biryani with the brink of oblivion and by Allah’s grace.

Biryani that brings people together!

Since 1975

Our Restaurant

Right from its humble beginnings as a coffee stall the quality and style employed by Sukkubhai was instrumental in the development of this restaurant. The unique method of preparation developed by Sukkubhai and the quality of materials used is the basis for the tasty biriyani and other dishes. This method was passed down by Sukkubhai to his son Mr. Ali who strictly follows these rules and standards to this very day. The result is the rise of this restaurant and especially the biriyani served here to be ranked among the top ten best biriyani restaurants in Chennai. The restaurant is especially famous for its delicious beef biriyani. The restaurant to this day offers a complete experience for anyone who wishes to taste traditional good quality biriyani. We understand the cultural significance of biriyani that brings together friends and family and therefore strive to make the customers experience a wholesome and delicious one.

Our Director


Mr. Ali the son of Abdul Khader (Sukkubhai) and the director of the Sukkubhai Biryani Restaurant follows his father’s footsteps by continuing to maintain the standards and quality of the restaurant. He considers the customer to be the most important person and strives to satisfy their appetites by serving them exquisite and delicious biryani. While continuing to serve customers from all strata of society, Mr. Ali pursues to develop the Sukkubhai brand.